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How do I know a Rolex by its number?

As one of the representatives of luxury watches, Rolex is arguably the top of the range in terms of pussiveness, it is luxurious and practical both inside and out. Wearing a Rolex is not only dignified, it’s also classy and has substance.

Some would surely say that it’s all silver for nothing, but many people like Rolex not just because it’s expensive. Its status in the world of watches alone is unmatched by any other brand.

Where did Rolex’s status come from?

The first waterproof watch came from Rolex

In 1926, Rolex created the first watch that was water and dust resistant. To prove its technology, a young Englishwoman, Mercedes Gillies, successfully crossed the English Channel wearing a Rolex Oyster watch. After swimming for over ten hours to reach the finish line, her watch, called the “Oyster”, was still intact and functioning as usual.

The first logbook watch, also from Rolex

In 1945, Rolex introduced the Logbook, the world’s first self-winding watch with a calendar on its face. Initially designed for men, the Logbook evolved into a wide range of ladies’ models a decade later.

The first watch brand to be chronometer-certified

Rolex was also the first watch brand to be chronometer-certified, and is currently the brand with the highest number of such certifications.

The bezels represented by the different numbers

Rolex owes much of its popularity to its bezels, which can also be described as varied: ceramic, gradient, dogtooth, fluted …… Many of Rolex’s classic bezel designs have been lovingly referred to by watch enthusiasts, and I believe the words “rainbow ring The three words “rainbow ring” are not new to anyone. So what kind of “ring” do the numbers in the numbering represent?

The penultimate number in the numbering represents the type of bezel that Rolex has. The numbers range from 0 to 6, representing the different types of bezel, and unlike the models in the collection, the bezel is represented by a single number, as follows.

0: Polished bezel – without much decoration, generally just polished.

1: Rotating bezel with flat letters – generally refers to the ceramic bezel used on the GMT Master, with flat letters.

2: Convex rotating bezel – generally refers to the bezel used on the Explorer, with raised lettering.

3: Tooth bezel – a fluted bezel, which is often referred to as a dog tooth bezel.

4: Hand-engraved bezel – this is a hand-engraved bezel. (Rolex bezels are to a large extent handcrafted)

5: Tooth bezel – the bezel looks like a pyramid, which is very different from a dog tooth bezel.

6: Rotating bezel for diving – this type of bezel is reserved for Rolex diving watches.

The different numbers represent the materials

The penultimate number of the number represents the bezel and the last number represents the material of the Rolex watch. Rolex is said to have its own exclusive recipe for case materials, and the last number also represents the different materials. From 0 to 9, with the exception of 7, there are nine material combinations, and they are represented by a single number only.

0: Steel

1: Rose gold with steel

2: Platinum with steel

3: 18-carat yellow gold with steel

4: White gold with steel

5: Rose gold

6: Platinum

8: 18K yellow gold

9: 18-carat white gold

This concludes the numbering of Rolex watches, which can sometimes represent a Rolex watch with five or six digits. For example, if the model number is 16610, the first three digits of the number “166” represent the collection, the Submariner; the penultimate digit “1” represents the bezel, which is a rotating bezel; the last digit “0 The last “0” represents the material, which is a combination of rose gold and steel.

The meaning of the letters of the alphabet

The Rolex model numbers are much more than that. In the watch catalogue, in addition to the numbers introduced, we can sometimes find a few letters of the alphabet following these numbers. So what do these letters do? In fact, they are used to mark the decoration used on the watch.

A: 8 diamonds and 2 baguette diamonds on the face.

CR: Face set with 10 diamonds, with Roman lettering.

C11: face set with 11 diamonds.

DP: Pave set with diamonds (full star).

G: Faceted with 10 diamonds.

GV: Green glass.

J: Commemorative text set with 10 diamonds.

LB: Diamond-set ring and 10 diamonds on the face (also said to refer to the blue bezel).

LE: Diamond-set ring and emerald.

LN: Black bezel.

LR: Bezel set with a diamond ring and 10 rubies.

LV: Green bezel.

NA: Mother-of-pearl face with Arabic numerals.

NC8DI: Mother-of-pearl face set with 8 diamonds.

NC11DI: mother-of-pearl face set with 11 diamonds, with Roman numerals.

NG: Mother-of-pearl surface set with 10 diamonds.

NGR: mother-of-pearl surface set with 10 rubies.

NGS: mother-of-pearl surface set with 10 sapphires.

NR: mother-of-pearl surface set with a diamond ring with Roman lettering.

P: Full sky star face.

PB: Full star face set with 10 diamonds.

PLAT: platinum face.

WOOD: wood-grain face.

XL: face paved with extra large diamonds (large full star).

XS11: Large full star set with 11 sapphires.

XS8: Star with 8 sapphires.

ZR: face pavé set with diamonds and set with 11 rubies.

ZS: face pavé set with diamonds and set with 11 sapphires.

ZSA: face pavé set with 8 round diamonds, 2 baguette-shaped diamonds.

11DI: face set with 11 diamonds.

3DI: face set with 3 diamonds.

8DI: face set with 8 diamonds.

8D3R: Set with 8 diamonds, 1 triangular-shaped diamond and 2 baguette-shaped rubies.

8D3S: face set with 8 diamonds, 1 triangular-shaped diamond, 2 baguette-shaped sapphires.

So when you see a Rolex again, just look at the number and you will have a general idea.

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The market expects Rolex to continue to be in ‘short supply’ in 2021 – production down but demand up rather than down due to the outbreak

Last year, when the new pneumonia epidemic began to break out in Europe, a number of major Swiss watchmakers, including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Hublot, coincidentally announced the closure of their factories around mid-March. Although Rolex resumed operations around eight weeks after the shutdown, the brand took measures to reduce working hours and shifts in order to comply with the Swiss federal government’s epidemic prevention policy,replica rolex watches with the result that Rolex’s annual production in 2020 is estimated to be around 25% lower than in previous years.

According to estimates by international financial institutions Vontobel and Morgan Stanley, Rolex will produce around 950,000 watches in 2019, and based on this figure, it is reasonable to estimate that Rolex will produce around 710,000 watches in 2020 (950,000 x 75%).

Rolex launches new watches for 2020, with the Submariner collection being completely upgraded

The Sky Dweller collection is also one of the highlights of the 2020 launches

At the same time, the two major Swiss watch shows – Watches & Wonders in Geneva and Baselworld 2020 – have been cancelled due to the epidemic, and Rolex’s new watch launches have been delayed from April to September, which has led to a shortage of Rolex watches from 2020 to 2021.

Although many foreign watch shops were forced to close temporarily between March and May 2020, they continued to receive orders from customers during this period. Later, after surviving the first wave of the pandemic, a so-called retaliatory wave of consumption began to take place, so when the shops reopened, demand for Rolex watches surged even more, which led to an accelerated flow of Rolex watches through the shops’ inventories; however, demand continued to outstrip supply as Rolex production fell in 2020.

The Green Water Ghost (126610LV) has been one of the most popular Rolex models, with the ‘speculative’ price on the market being over 70% higher than the price, but still ‘hard to find’

Some European watch shops have said in interviews with the media that they are out of stock in their warehouses, and distributors have said they are not sure when the Rolex factory will deliver. One might wonder if Rolex is giving priority to the Asian market, where the market is recovering more quickly. On this point, the general consensus in Europe is that the brand would not be “favouring one over the other”. In fact,buy fake watches the current shortage of Rolex watches should be global.

It seems that if you want to buy a Rolex watch in the near future, you will need to be more patient, as the effects of the shutdown last year may take longer to return to normal pre-epidemic levels. We should wait until the supply is back to normal before we “go in”!

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Why are there so many watches but Rolex is so famous? Has it even become synonymous with luxury watches?

In 1927, the Rolex was worn by Mercedes Gleitze, a young female swimmer, as she swam across the English Channel in ten hours, becoming the first woman to swim across the Channel. This brought Rolex a lot of buzz and made the brand famous!

Furthermore, in 1960, Rolex became the first watch to sink to the world’s deepest Mariana Trench. This particular watch (below) dived to a depth of 10,916m and still functioned properly, two things that established Rolex dive watches. To date, Rolex’s dive watch submariner series is still Rolex very successful product line, is also one of the world’s best dive watch, Rolex watches are extremely durable, and even the product can be said to be the most resistant to cao watch brand, which is recognized in the watch circle. Many people said that for years without maintenance, Rolex watches time is also extremely accurate. It’s not just a matter of time, it’s also a matter of time.
The actual actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day. The next step is the emotional process: choose what you like best and don’t be influenced by others.